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Recap of ‘Stitchers’ 2x05 “Midnight Stitcher”: Kirsten Gets Activated as Brainwashed Assassin

The Stitchers team investigates the case of a brainwashed victim programmed to assassin a movie producer in Stitchers episode 2x05 “Midnight Stitcher”. Kirsten’s determination to find her father drives her to disobey direct orders. Things go wrong when Kirsten breaks the rules and stitches into the victim. Kirsten ends up brainwashed and it becomes her mission to carry out the assassination. Meanwhile, Kirsten’s ex-boyfriend Liam Granger is back in town. Liam and Camille spend some time together, but Camille’s got an ulterior motive.

Camille and Linus are still hooking up, so Linus is over at Camille’s place at the start of the episode. Camille pushes Linus for gossip about Cameron’s new girlfriend. According to Linus, things are getting pretty serious with Nina, the girl from the comic book store. Cameron and Nina talked about Doctor Who on the phone until three in the morning.

Kirsten walks in and hears them talking about Nina. Kirsten says she can’t be mad at Cameron. After all, she told Cameron not to wait for her while she figures out her feelings.

Besides, Kirsten is still focused on finding her father (Daniel Stinger). After finding the wedding cocktail napkin last episode, Kirsten realized Elizabeth Stinger was her dad’s first wife. Elizabeth may be the key to finding Daniel Stinger. Unfortunately, Elizabeth is hard to find. Kirsten already hacked city records, but she couldn’t find anything. Elizabeth Stinger is a ghost.

The Stitchers team looks into the death of Sandy Abrams, a 28-year-old receptionist and aspiring actress. The team needs to find out if she committed suicide by jumping off a building or if she was murdered. They found a note that says “This is his fault KC”.

Kirsten is immediately convinced that the note is a clue for her, since her initials are K.C. She thinks Sandy’s death is her father’s fault. Maggie doesn’t want Kirsten to stitch into Sandy yet, in case this is some type of ambush mean to hurt Kirsten. Maggie is waiting for instructions from Mitchell Blair, but he moves at his own pace.

Camille runs into Kirsten’s ex-boyfriend Liam Granger at the gym. She’s surprised that Liam didn’t go abroad, but Liam says he wasn’t ready to leave. He missed Kirsten, but he doesn’t want her to know that he is still in town. Camille tells him that Kirsten has completely moved on. Camille makes it clear that Kirsten will never be interested in getting back together with Liam.

Seems like Liam is cool with that, since he’s pretty interested in Camille. He gets Camille’s phone number so they can be sparring partners. Apparently, he’s pretty good at Krav Maga.

Camille goes home and finds Kirsten, Cameron and Linus waiting for her. Kirsten wants to go behind Maggie’s back and stitch into Sandy Abrams. Kirsten can’t stop thinking that the suicide note was meant for her. Cameron warns her that not all roads lead to Daniel Stinger. Chances are the case has nothing to do with Kirsten’s father.

Kirsten won’t back down, so her friends agree to help her. They decide to do a secret ‘midnight stitch’. Maggie will receive an alert when the system goes online, so they have about 23 minutes. That’s about the time it will take her to get out of bed and race to the lab.

The group starts the stitch into Sandy’s memories. Again, Kirsten sees the kid wearing the red baseball cap in the memory. Kirsten chases him, but he disappears. Kirsten ends up in a different memory. She sees Sandy arguing with a co-worker. The co-worker left a rose on her car, even though she has repeatedly told him that things are over between them. Sandy hits him with the rose and tells him to back off.

Kirsten notices a clear barrier in the memory. She pushes on it and she falls through. Alarms start blaring in the stitch lab and Kirsten doesn’t respond to Cameron. Cameron manages to pull her out of the memory. Kirsten sees someone pushing Sandy off the roof. Kirsten bounces out of the memory just as Maggie comes in.

Maggie’s furious at the team for disobeying her orders. The point of the Stitchers team isn’t to help find Kirsten’s dad. The team apologizes for going behind her back.

Kirsten and Detective Fisher track down the co-worker who argued with Sandy. The guy runs, which means he’s guilty or he’s guilty of being an idiot. Luckily, Fisher played hockey in high school. Fisher grabs a rake and trips the guy.

Sandy’s co-worker didn’t even know Sandy was dead. Kirsten check’s his arm and immediately clears him. The killer had a scar on his arm.

Cameron and Camille go to question Ben Spiros, Sandy’s boyfriend. He’s screwed up because of Sandy’s death. Sandy didn’t have any enemies, but Ben really doesn’t like a woman named Kim. Kim moved into the apartment building a few months ago. Kim got Sandy and Ben to try meditation. Kim wanted to spend a lot of alone time with Sandy, which pissed off Sandy’s other friends.

Kim left her apartment a few weeks ago. She left behind some meditation tracks. Ben plays a meditation track and suddenly goes in a trance. He walks up to the roof and almost jumps off. Cameron rushes over and pulls Ben to safety. Camille spots a scar on Ben’s arm. Looks like they caught the killer.

Ben Spiros is put in a psych ward for observation. He doesn’t remember killing Sandy. He felt an intense anger and then he blacked out. It looks like he’s telling the truth. In Ben's apartment, they also found a bottle of pills used to reduce memory loss. Ben has been forgetting things lately.

Camille tried to track down the company that made the meditation music, but there is no company. She couldn’t find that track anywhere.

Camille gets a text from Liam and makes plans to meet up with him. Linus asks if Camille wants to hang out. Camille lies about needed to work on an optogenetics project with a lab partner.

Camille looks upset after lying to Linus. She has a chat with Detective Fisher. She asks how to keep work from hurting the people she cares about. Fisher knows it’s hard. He’s always there for her if she needs someone to talk to.

Liam and Camille meet up at the gym. After a bit of sparring, they talk about Kirsten. Liam looks like he’s ready to move on with Camille. He’s really glad that he ran into her. She’s easy to talk to.

Meanwhile, Cameron and Nina hang out and debate Torchwood. They end up kissing on the couch.

Kirsten dreams about the things she saw when she stitched into Sandy. Kirsten gets out of bed and leaves the house. Camille wakes her up the next morning. For the first time, Kirsten overslept and is late for work. Camille notices that Kirsten’s feet are dirty. Kirsten claims that she just stepped outside when she heard a noise in the middle of the night.

Linus has been busy at the stitch lab. From brain scans, he knows that Ben Spiros and Sandy Abrams were both brainwashed by Kim. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find Kim. She paid her apartment rent with cash and there’s no trace of her.

Camille knows something is wrong with Kirsten. Against Camille’s advice, Kirsten stitches back into Sandy’s memories. Kirsten sees Sandy assemble a gun and then do some target practice. Sandy looks at a magazine cover that features Roman Bain, a horror movie producer.

The Stitchers team does some research. Roman Bain was sued by Kim Charles. (So Kirsten was wrong about KC standing for Kirsten Clark). Kim Charles, a former MI6 agent, claimed Roman stole her film idea about brainwashing assassins.

Sandy booked a role on a production that Roman was currently shooting. So Kim brainwashed Sandy to make her kill Roman. Kim may activate someone else to finish the assassination job.

Kirsten and Detective Fisher warn Roman Bain that he is in danger, but he doesn’t take the threat seriously. He always gets death threats and everyone on the crew hates him. Roman calls Kim Charles a wack job. He doesn’t believe that she could brainwash a person to commit murder.

Back at the stitch lab, Cameron and Linus listen to the meditation music. There is a coded message in the music. Kirsten and Detective Fisher go back to the lab. Kirsten, who has also been brainwashed by stitching into Sandy, gets activated after hearing the music. She grabs Fisher’s gun and points it at him. She leaves the lab with his gun.

The Stitchers team looks everywhere, but they can’t find Kirsten. Camille and Detective Fisher have a sweet moment where they hold hands. Fisher promises that they will find her.

The team thinks Kirsten will show up at the studio to kill Roman Bain. The next day, Maggie, Detective Fisher and Cameron show up at the studio. They split up to look for Kirsten.

They don’t have to wait long for Kirsten to show up. She shoots a warning shot and Cameron gets in front of her. Cameron knows just what to say to her. He tells her that she has a strong mind. She doesn’t ever let people control her. Cameron reminds Kirsten that he died for her once. He’s willing to die again. This time, she won’t be able to bring him back. Kirsten cries and Cameron tells her to make the bounce.

Kirsten slowly lowers her gun. The danger isn’t over yet, though. Kim Charles is also on the set. Kim is about to shoot Roman Bain, but Kirsten shoots her first. Roman demands that Maggie arrest Kirsten for trying to shoot him. Maggie reminds Roman that Kirsten just saved his life.

Maggie offers Kirsten a drink to help her cope with shooting a person for the first time. Luckily, Kirsten isn’t a good shot and Kim Charles didn’t die. Maggie used to be an assassin for the CIA, so she’s the best person to console Kirsten.

Like Kirsten, Maggie is disappointed that the suicide letter had nothing to do with Daniel Stinger. Maggie hoped it was a clue that would help Kirsten find her father.

Kirsten asks Cameron if he wants to hang out later. Cameron can’t. He doesn’t say why, but clearly he has plans with Nina.

Linus also isn’t having much luck in the romance department. Linus wants to spend time with Camille, but Camille says she’s too tired.

Maggie and Camille talk about Liam. Turns out Camille running into Liam Granger at the gym wasn’t a coincidence. Maggie assigned Camille to find out what Liam is up to. Camille hates lying to Linus, but Maggie says it is for his own good. Camille is protecting Linus by keeping him in the dark.

Camille asks how far she should go with Liam. Maggie turns that question around and asks how far Camille is willing to go to protect Kirsten. Did Maggie just tell Camille to sleep with Liam in order to protect Kirsten?!

Detective Fisher shows up at Kirsten’s door with good news and bad news. The good news is that he found out Elizabeth Stinger changed her name to Elizabeth Brown when she got married. The bad news? There are over 250 listings in California alone in that name. Fisher hands over a flash drive with the list of women named Elizabeth Brown.

What did you think of “Midnight Stitcher”? Can’t wait to see what Camille finds out about Liam in the upcoming episodes.

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