Sunday, May 31, 2015

‘Stitchers’ Virtual Reality Game: Can You Hack the Case?

Play ‘Stitchers: Hack the Case’, the official virtual reality game based on the ABC Family series Stitchers. Download the app or play the Stitchers game online.

Solve the murder of 25-year-old Hazel Curtis, a downtown LA waitress strangled by the LA Strangler.  Hazel Curtis was last seen at a friend’s house.  She went for a walk and never returned.  Her body was found in the Los Angeles River.  There were multiple wounds to her neck, wrists and ankles.  The bodies of three other women, Eleanor White, Emma Knowles and Alice Adamson were found with similar wounds within a 2 mile radius of one another.

Start the Stitchers game with a few questions (the initial questions are the same ones from the Stitchers test).  Once you pass the initial test, you are welcomed into the program and put on the case.

Go into Hazel’s memories and find out who her killer was.  There are three different stitches.  Retrace Hazel’s steps in a café and hotel room.  Then go in her memories of the kidnapping itself.  You’ll face the masked killer and try to figure out who he is.  Search for clues in each of the memories.

Is the LA Strangler businessman Callum Douglas, waiter Chris Logue or construction worker Harris Jackson?

Have fun playing this awesome Stitchers game and bring Hazel Curtis’s murderer to justice!

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